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The Howard Taylor Memorial Amputee-Pro Golf Championship Tournament

This competition, held annually at Rossmoor on the Monday after Mother’s Day in May, is organized by the Eastern Amputee Golf Association.  The tournament participants include 30 amputees joined by 3 Rossmoor Golf Club amateurs with a 4-man format, two better ball. 

All proceeds from the tournament are contributed to college scholarships for children of Amputee Golfers. 

The PGA Junior Golfer State Competition 

The Rossmoor Golf Club sponsors this event annually on the 2nd Monday and Tuesday in July. Participation is for approximately 130 Junior Golf enthusiasts (average ages of 9-17) from throughout the State of New Jersey. Rossmoor particularly appreciates using its course for the tournament as it promotes the game of golf to young people — the acknowledged future of the game.

The overall winner, often shooting in the 60s, becomes the sponsoring New Jersey PGA Junior Champion. Later, these Champions will compete in the National PGA Junior Golf Championship held in September.

Spotswood High School

The Rossmoor Golf Club proudly opens its course to the Spotswood High School Golf Team for their practices during their golf competition season.